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The Zimbo Trio

The Zimbo Trio is a Brazilian Instrumental piano trio founded in 1964 in Sao Paulo by Amilton Godoy (piano), Ruben Barsotti (drums) and Luiz Chaves (accoustic bass), who was followed by Itamar Collaco (electric bass, 6 strings) from 2001. From  2013 The Zimbo Trio changed name to Amilton Godoy Trio, with Persio Sapia on drum and Mario Androtti on acoustic bass. The Zimbo Trio Recorded 51 Cd’s and won several trophies during their career. Recently they were nominated as the best instrumental group of Brazil

Zimbolico – Tribute to the Zimbo Trio

Zimbolico was founded in early 2011 by Jens Lima Dos Santos (piano) Carlos Monteiro (acoustic bass) and Joeri Baldinger (drums) with the idea of recording a tribute to the Zimbo Trio. Back in 2001 Jens was invited by Amilton Godoy to meet and listen to the Zimbo Trio in the casino of Povor de Varzim in Portugal. This was the beginning of a lifetime friendship. During the following 10 years, inspired by the excellent performances of the Zimbo Trio, he started to transcribe and arrange several of their tunes in his own way, leaving space for Carlos and Joeri in order to enable them to add a personal touch to the arrangements.

Jens Lima Dos Santos

Jens was born in Germany. In 1989 he moved to the Netherlands to study jazz piano with Christiene Schneider and Rob Madna at Hilversum Conservatory (AHK). He graduated in 1995 and moved to Amsterdam to work with musicians like Clarence Becton, Pablo Nahar, Nadja Filtzer, Nema Lopes and the Jeanscompany (bandleader 2005-2008).

In 2002 he studied and teached in São Paulo at CLAM, founded by the Zimbo trio. In 2009 he started the project Zimbolico.

He is active as an educator ( piano and guitar), arranger and composer.

Joeri Baldinger

From an early age Joeri has been an active musician. When he was six years old, he started with playing the recorder at the School of Music Amsterdam. At the age of twelve he changed to drums. He graduated at the Sweelinck Conservatory Amsterdam, where he studied with Lucas van Merwijk & Jan Heijn van Huizen.He followed masterclasses with John Engels & Henk Zomer.

He is specialized in playing Latin-American music. Currently working as free-lance drummer/percussionist and as music educator.

Carlos Monteiro

Carlos Monteiro was born in Angola and grew up in Portugal. The last 21 years he lives in Holland. He studied at the Rotterdam Conservatory, Jazz and World Music Department.
He is currently working in different areas. As a sideman he collaborates with different projects. He is also an arranger en music educator.

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